High Pressure Washing

At The Jet Men we have an expert team who regularly clean driveways and patios for residential and commercial customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable cleaners can clean all types of driveways including concrete, brick, tarmac, block paving, slabs and more and garden patios which can become slippery and dangerous to walk on due to the winter months in the UK. Moss, algae and other organic matter can build up on your patio, leaving it looking tired and old. We are here to solve that problem. We use industrial pressure washers when cleaning driveways, patios or decking. We also offer a re-sand and re-seal service to give your driveway and patios that new look again.

Low Pressure Hot Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning team clean your building exterior in the safest possible way, without causing any damage to the walls of your property. Our steam cleaning equipment produces a low-pressure hot steam clean that will remove all moss, algae, fungi and other organic matter from the exterior walls to your property including building render and K-rend surfaces.

Our Mazzoni Hot Box equipment produces steam up to 150 degrees in temperature, hot enough to clean any surface on your property thoroughly. We are able to clean all types of surfaces including render, K-rend, Granite, Sand Stone and more. Our steam cleaning team are fully trained in the use of any cleaning equipment that they use and are fully insured to undertake all commercial and residential








Soft Washing


Soft washing is a more recent cleaning technology, that is particularly effective in cleaning delicate substrates and surfaces contaminated with organic growth. If you are after exceptional and long lasting specialist cleaning of your building render, driveway, patio or other external hard surface, Soft washing could be exactly what you are looking for. It uses specially designed chemical detergents to cleanse and remove dirt and organic growth, with no need to risky pressure washing. The advantages of this are manifold. Soft washing kills organic growth at root- this not only removes the staining but leaves the substrate cleaner for longer- as it takes a lot of time for organic matter to re-colonise. It also uses less energy and water than pressure washing, this means you can work from the safety of the ground in many instances in many instances. And keeps costs down to a minimum. There is also little or no risk of damage to render, roofs, or brickwork, unlike power washing. The Soft washing method of cleaning is widely recognised as one of the leading solutions when it comes to cleaning buildings and outdoor surfaces.

Commercial services

We undertake all residential and commercial cleaning work. From household driveways, pathways and patios to mansion or stately home grounds. Car showroom forecourts, large shopping centres and car parks to restaurant drive-thrus, schools & public playgrounds and retail parks. No job too small or big.

Contact us today to find out more about our professional services. We clean for homeowners, tenants, landlords, letting agents and businesses.